Our REGULAR exterior wash begins by pre-scrubbing the vehicle for dirt and bugs using citrus-based solutions designed to cut through acidic insect remains. The vehicle is then driven onto a conveyor which guides it through our 100% soft touch cloth wash.

Three different types of environmentally safe cleaners are used at various stations before final rinsing. The process ends with a spot-free, reverse osmosis (RO) rinse followed by a highly effective energy efficient blow dry. The vehicle is then driven off the conveyor to be parked outside where it is completely dried by hand. Special textured car wash industry towels are used only ONCE per vehicle for hand drying.

Towels are colored which uniquely identifies them for use on windows versus bodies. Afterwards, towels with like colors are washed separately using a computerized commercial washing machine programmed to leave a perfectly clean and perfectly dampened towel for use on the next vehicle. All outside windows, white walled tires and rims are washed by hand.

Regular exterior washes require less than 15 minutes from start to finish.