Restorative detailing is the professional cosmetic maintenance of a vehicle that renews and restores a vehicle to as close to showroom condition as possible

Our approach to restorative detail is outlined below:

We start outside with:

A careful and meticulous washing of the vehicle. Special attention is given to areas that often go neglected, such as door jambs, wheel wells and lower body sections.

We follow that by:

Removing scratches, oxidation, paint overspray, hard water spots and tar if present. All exterior painted surfaces are polished to enhance their shine. Any chrome or aluminum is polished by hand. Wheels are meticulously cleaned and polished to enhance their shine. Tires are dressed with UV inhibitors to prevent cracking and fading. Yellowed or oxidized headlights or tail lights can be polished and restored to like new condition.

Now for the interior we:

Meticulously vacuum and eliminate dust from all carpets, upholstery, seats, mats, dash, vents, crevices, headliner and trunk. All carpets and upholstered surfaces are deep cleaned using powerful, state-of-the-art 20 HP extractors. Leather and vinyl surfaces are cleaned, conditioned and treated with preservatives to maintain suppleness and protect against harmful UV rays from the sun, which can cause premature cracking and fading. If offensive odors are present inside the vehicle or its heat & air conditioning vents, we recommend adding our Ozone Treatment service for an aditional cost. 

Then we’re ready to:

Professionally apply wax or paint sealants containing UV inhibitors (sunscreen) which is now ready to adhere to the freshly cleaned and polished surface of your vehicle. This provides a protection barrier between your vehicle’s paint and damaging rays from the sun and other environmental elements. All exterior surfaces are now protected and a high gloss shine will be evident.

And finally we always:

Inspect your vehicle to ensure your satisfaction and guarantee our commitment to professionalism and consistent to detail.


With Over 30 Years of Auto Detailing Experience, We Specialize In:

•    Scratch Removal
•    Oxidation Removal
•    Tar Removal
•    Paint Overspray Removal
•    Hard Water Spot Removal
•    Paint Sealants
•    Aluminum Wheel Polishing
•    Swirl Mark Removal
•    Offensive Odor Removal
•    Head and Tail Light Restoration